"Funing Pu" Gelatin
Functional Characteristics
Gelatin Production Process
Product Application
Delivery technology
Foning Pu collagen protein peptide

"Funing Pu" Gelatin



● It is a yellowish to white, transparent with luster, and impurity-free particle.

● It is the hydrolyzed product of collagen, a high protein without fat and cholesterol, and a kind of natural nutritious high grade glue and food thickener absorbed by human body.

● Gelatin’s protein is rich in 18 amino acids ,7 of which are necessary for human body. The content of water and inorganic salt in gelatin is about 16%, and the content of protein is more than 82%.

● It is soluble in hot water and insoluble in cold water, but it can slowly expand and soften by absorbing cold water. Gelatin can absorb equivalent to 5-10 times its weight of water

● It is mainly composed of polypeptide molecular mixture with the same amino acid composition but wide molecular weight distribution. The molecular weight is generally in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Dalton.

● It is 100% natural, safe and healthy products with multiple uses.

Function of gelatin


Gelatin is a multifunctional ingredient that can help simplify formulations and promote innovation. Its functions such as gel property, foaming property, emulsification and binding activity cooperate with many characteristics, making it an irreplaceable material in many applications, whether in medicine, food or nutrition industry.

Product attributes


Natural protein, melted at body temperature, compatible with human tissue, transparent, and thermally reversible

Functional Characteristics of "Funing Pu" Gelatin



The unique function of gelatin is its thermal reversible gel capacity. The gelatin-based formula will gel after cooling and melt with heating. This conversion can occur quickly and can be repeated without significant characteristic changes. A unique indicator of gelatin is freezing force (bloom). The bloom value represents the gel strength of gelatin. Gelatin gel will melt at body temperature. When used in food, it can make food obtain excellent taste and completely release flavor. These properties make gelatin not only very suitable for fudge and marshmallow, but also for other applications, such as medicinal capsules.


Foaming is the process of forming a large number of small bubbles in liquids or solids. This process is also called colloidal dispersion of gases in liquid or solid medium.

Film formation

Film formation refers to the process of transforming a solution or dispersion into a film, which is a thin, flexible, binding, and continuous dry or semi-dry flake formed by a solution or dispersion. This function is suitable for the manufacture of capsules and micro capsules. It is also used as coating like candy's.


Texture refers to the viscosity of the product. Gelatin can help the product achieve ideal texture and make the product softer or harder.

Water retention capacity

Our gelatin can be combined with water, thus maintaining the integrity of the product, which thanks to the affinity of gelatin to water. Gelatin will swell in water and can bind up to 10 times its weight of water. This water retention capacity helps prevent seepage and subsequent dehydration contractions, such as in dairy applications. This also makes gelatin the preferred ingredient in low-fat or fat-reducing foods because some of the fat in these food is replaced by water.


Emulsification is the process of dispersing two (at least partially) immiscible liquids (usually oil and water), in which droplets of one liquid are dispersed into another.


physical and chemical properties of gelatin, and its aggregation in the final product form a perfect stable system that can significantly prolong the shelf life of the product.


No matter what application, gelatin can glue ingredients or components together.


Clarification refers to the formation of flocculation precipitation in drinks, which will adsorb a large number of turbid natural components.

Gelatin Production Process


A complex multistage process

Gelatin is obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagen. Gelatin is a natural source of raw materials, mainly in the bones, skin, tendons, tendons and scales of animals. Funing Pu mainly uses pig skin and cowhide as raw materials to extract gelatin. Natural collagen is insoluble in water, while gelatin produced by partial hydrolysis is soluble in warm water. This multistage process is complex and requires strict control.

No chemical modification

We use two processes to produce gelatin: alkali or acid. Each stage of the production process is carried out under strict sanitary conditions, and no chemical modification occurs throughout the manufacturing process. At the end of the process, gelatin forms gel-like rubber strips, which are dried and crushed into granular particles, and then stored in granular gelatin for further processing for different customers and applications.

Detection, control and traceability

Our customers' trust in our consistently high quality products depends on our careful selection of raw materials and suppliers, as well as strict control over every step of the production process to some extent. Of course, most importantly, all our raw materials are strictly tested and controlled to ensure excellent quality, safety and traceability. We can track the raw materials and process conditions of each batch of products.


We implement total quality management, in line with the highest international standards. All our production methods and processes are recorded, and each finished product is strictly tested before shipment. Our certifications include ISO9001、ISO22000、HACCP、FSSC22000、GMP、ISO14001、ISO45000.

Clean label

Clean and clear labels are the top priority for consumers today

Consumer demand for clean and clear labels is the same as our desire to know what food we are eating.

Clean label is a non-regulatory term. It is usually regarded as a substitute for the word "natural ", which is not protected and lacks a formal legal definition. For products containing components of identifiable, sustainable and natural origin that do not contain artificial additives (no E codes) or chemicals, such terms are often generic. Transparency and accuracy of product content is considered an important part of clear label. The number of clean labels introduced for new food and beverage products confirms this trend.

Clean label means simpler, healthier products

The purest clean label is also about reducing fat, sugar and salt (the three most commonly used ingredients for food and beverage processing). However, the development of formulations containing less sugar, lower fat and lower calories while providing better flavor, the same or better taste and shelf life is also a challenge. Gelatin, especially hydrolyzed gelatin, is an ideal ingredient for overcoming this challenge and developing healthier and/or nutrient-rich products. Gelatin can help you reduce the sugar and fat content in the product.

Dairy products


Gelatin can provide better texture and improve the taste of low fat or fat-reducing products. Using gelatin means you can replace fat with a functional protein with less calories, which binds water 5 to 10 times its own weight. Most importantly, the viscosity of gelatin is lower than the melting point, which can provide a smooth texture and greasy taste for your products.



The unparalleled gel properties of gelatin make it an ideal ingredient to maintain a texture similar to traditional candy while designing healthier candy formulations.

Fudge, toffee and chewing candy

In sugar-free fudge, through gelatin, you can restore the texture lost by the substitution of sweeteners for sugar. You can also reduce calories, fat and carbohydrates (e.g. toffee flavored fudge), which attracts lovers who like chewy and jelly candy. You can also use gelatin to increase the protein content of your rubber sugar candy, thus achieving delicacy and health.

Funing Pu Gelatin helps to obtain clean and clear labels

At Funing Pu, we ensure maximum traceability, transparency and integrity when we produce gelatin (a raw material from natural foods without E codes and artificial additives.

Gelatin has many functions and can be used to replace several waterborne colloids with single function at the same time. No raw material has so many functions of gelatin, which makes gelatin the best choice in formula design, and reduces the ingredients in ingredient lists to make the label more clear.

Product Application




Multifunctional solutions to meet the needs of today's consumers

Delicacy, clear label and rich in protein are several trends in the food industry today. Creating attractive products that respond to these trends is not an easy task for recipe designers. We can help you successfully meet this challenge by creating texture, nutritional features and appearance with unlimited potential. Our multifunctional solutions based on gelatin and collagen, combined with our in-depth technical knowledge and global services, make formulation and innovation in all food areas easier. We are committed to meeting the needs of producers and consumers.

Maximum satisfaction, best performance

No matter which food application area you are in, we will help you choose gelatin with various functions. Whether you focus on bright appearance, delicious taste or the most unforgettable flavor, you can satisfy and attract consumers, provide perfect solutions, and improve your business performance.

Clear label, multiple uses, easy to use

In addition to the rich food experience, we also ensure pure natural (excluding artificial additives) food. As a manufacturer, we will make you benefit from the outstanding versatility of the product, excellent sensory properties, enhanced formulations and technical support from our highly qualified experts.

· Ideal ingredients for food and nutrition markets: clear labels, pure protein from natural sources (without artificial additives), no fat and no carbohydrates

· It is of great value to overcome the technical problems of protein formulation

· Neutral taste and odour

· Easy to fuse in multiple applications

· Gelatin, Hydrolyzed Gelatin and Gelatin Solutions for Product Innovation



Pleasing consumers with the best fudge

Fudge products bring pleasure, fun and enjoyment to consumers of all ages. Funing Pu is eager to help you make your fudge products successful.

Candy integrates sensory perception, delicacy, texture and flavor release. With the wide range of uses of our ingredients and our in-depth technical and formulation expertise, you can achieve the desired results: bouncy, hard, and chew-resistant. As long as you can say, we can help you tailor. Any ideal choice can be obtained by simply changing the gel strength or viscosity, gelatin type or concentration.

Essential ingredient in the fudge industry

Gelatin has been used in food industry for hundreds of years. Today, it is a necessary ingredient in a range of sweets and other foods to create a perfect texture. It has unique thermal reversibility and is essential in many candy applications. Its popularity is also attributed to its gel capability, foaming, stability, thickening, bonding and emulsifying functions. Gelatin is soluble in water and can be completely digested and compatible with most other hydrocolloids, including plant colloids such as agar, alginate, carrageenan and pectin, as well as sugar, corn syrup, edible acids and spices, making it popular in the confectionery industry.

The brightest and most delicious marshmallow


Our gelatin has the function of foaming, stabilizing and gel capability, which is the perfect choice for making light and delicious marshmallow.

· Soft, shiny, foamy

· Perfect flavor release

· Excellent stability

Chewable Taffy and Chewing Candy

We provide the perfect solution for making flavor lasting chewing toffee. The foaming, stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying functions of our gelatin make it an excellent solution in this field.

· From soft to hard, from very chewy to easy to chew, to achieve your desired chewiness and texture

· Perfect flavor release

· To Improve dispersion and stability of fat; to better control crystallization

· Stable Product Forming

Dairy products


Exquisite appearance, excellent flavor, irresistible taste

The development of dairy products and beverages with attractive appearance, flavor and texture for consumers is the main goal of dairy manufacturers worldwide. Our gelatin and collagen have key advantages in various dairy applications, thus contributing to this goal. Products help prevent dehydration and shrinkage, improve foam and stabilize stomatal structure. A small amount of gelatin will make dairy lovers unable to resist the soft cream texture.

Using gelatin can make dairy products more fashionable

With the growth of global dairy consumption, our gelatin enables you to seize the opportunity to use gelatin as a reliable means of reducing fat and sugar content while enhancing appearance, flavor, and texture. Most importantly, gelatin is a natural pure protein and an important ally in promoting protein action.

· Mousse
In mousse products, our gelatin and collagen can add value through their foaming, stabilizing and water-bound properties.

· Quark cheese
Your quark cheese products are especially capable of giving full play to the water binding and thickening properties of gelatin. Our ingredients also help prevent dehydration shrinkage and improve stability.

· Creamy dessert
In creamy desserts, gelatin can play a strong thickening and water-binding effect to produce a perfect and continued stable taste.

· Creamy yogurt, extended shelf life

We have ideal ingredients to provide your yogurt products with a bright look and a smooth, tight and even texture. Our gelatin is widely used in yogurt because of its excellent thickening, binding, stabilization and foaming properties.

· Ice cream and sorbet
You can use the stability and foaming properties of gelatin to create a perfect structure and taste, thus adding value to your ice cream and sorbet. Gelatin can also prevent ice crystal formation during long storage. Used with other stabilizers, gelatin can provide a very slow melting speed and unique texture for the finished product.


冰淇淋  授权.jpeg

An irreplaceable dessert fortifier

Gelatin is a raw ingredient used in a variety of desserts—not only used by food manufacturers, but also widely used in kitchens around the world. Its ease of use and fairly wide range of features open the door to fun and creative perfect desserts. It can be quickly condensed, give desserts color and improve their transparency.

· Fruit jelly: bright, unexpected dessert
The gelatin products provided by Funing Pu are widely used in fruit jelly. Their gel property, water-binding property and their ability to brighten and increase transparency make them ideal ingredients for making bright, unexpected jelly desserts.

· Pastry stuffing and coating
You can make delicious desserts with gelatin-based pastry stuffing and coating solutions. Gelatin is an ideal ingredient for pastry filling and coating because of its excellent foaming, coating and stability.

Meat and fish jelly

Gelatin and collagen are natural supplements to meat products

Funing Pu provides high quality gelatin and collagen, which are pure animal proteins and can be used as a natural supplement to meat products. Their binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and gel properties make them ideal ingredients for a variety of meat, fish and meat frozen products.

Suitable for many kinds of meat food applications

Gelatin and collagen are high quality proteins and are suitable for many kinds of meat food applications.

· Ripe ham and cooked hoof

· The mince

· Ham (hydrolyzed gelatin)

· Canned meat products

Clarifying agent

Purification refers to the addition of a substance to a cloudy wine, through the entrainment of fog to make suspended particles flocculate and precipitate. : its function is to make the wine clear. There is no residue in the wine.

Excellent wine and apple juice purifiers

As early as the Roman civilization, gelatin was used to clarify or refine wine and is still in use because of its efficient and natural sources.

The gelatin provided by Funing Pu is excellent and belongs to natural wine and apple juice purifiers.

Red wine, beer, apple juice

Our gelatin and gelatin hydrolysate products are especially suitable for clarifying red wine, beer and apple juice. They can reduce the turbidity and astringency of finished drinks and do not have a negative effect on flavor ingredients. There is no gelatin residue in the finished beverage.



Addressing the challenges of today's pharmaceutical and medical markets

Today's pharmaceutical and medical markets face many challenges. On the consumer side, there is a growing demand for population ageing, increased health awareness and for convenience and clear labelling. In manufacturing, there is a strong demand for process and performance improvement, high machinability and cost-effectiveness, and following and tracking of raw materials. Promoting medical innovation that requires safe and high-purity biomaterials is another challenge.

Gelatin plays an increasingly important role

The development of excipients that combine important manufacturing functions with consumer-specific credibility and safety helps address these challenges. The naturally-derived, versatile gelatin provided by Funing Pu is an increasingly ideal excipient for nutritional, pharmaceutical and medical delivery forms, ranging from hard capsules and soft capsules to functional fudge, tablet, and specialty drug solutions.

Benefiting from our comprehensive pharmaceutical-grade gelatin product portfolio

We understand your formula requirements and provide you with different combinations of high quality gelatin products. Derived from pigs and cattle; suitable for any region, religious belief and cultural preference ;100% medicinal grade; can control endotoxin according to demand.

Funing Pu is your ideal global pharmaceutical and (biological) medical partner

Funing Pu is the perfect partner for the pharmaceutical and (biological) medical industry to choose functional ingredients and biomedical materials in the face of challenges. We have an innovative drive to ensure that you and we are always at the forefront of research and application development of gelatin and collagen.

Delivery technology


The gelatin of Funing Pu provides you with effective delivery form

The effectiveness of nutrition, drugs and medical supplements is closely related to the delivery of these components. As a natural, safe and versatile excipient, the value of gelatin has been demonstrated and is applicable to most drug delivery forms currently used. Funing Pu gelatin is the best choice of similar products.

· Hard capsule
our gelatin can be used as a high quality excipient for your hard capsule. Gelatin has the best melting characteristics and can release API( drug active ingredients) quickly and effectively in body

· Soft capsule
Because of its unique function and full human compatibility, gelatin becomes the main component of gelatin soft capsule(usually called soft capsule)

· Functional fudge
For fudge producers who seek high hygiene standards and efficient production, our gelatin can be used to produce fudge products that are not molded by starch.

· Tablet
Our world-class gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin are used in tablets as natural binders and disintegrants and provide effective tablet coating.

Gelatin with customized functions and advantages

we offer gelatin suitable for each delivery form, designing to bring you and your end consumers the desired benefits.

· Natural source, clean label

· The convenience of taking

· Optimized production (e.g. starch-free fudge production)

· Stability of Soft Capsule

Hard capsule


The preferred excipient for hard capsules in pharmaceutical industry

Choosing a suitable excipient for your drug is a key part of ensuring that active drug components (API) are delivered in the best form in both hard and soft capsules. Although some new capsule shell ingredients have recently entered the market, gelatin is still the preferred excipient for global manufacturers. In this huge industry, Funing Pu plays an important role in production and professional technology.

Main advantages of our gelatin in hard capsules

· Clear label

· Best technical performance:

    Optimal dissolution rate

    Mechanical strength

    Low brittleness

    Limited oxygen permeability

· High operational effectiveness:


    Reduction in weight differences

    Cost efficiency

· Complete security

High Performance Solutions

Our gelatin can meet the latest high-speed mechanical requirements and high performance requirements for hard capsules of any size or shape. They will help you overcome the challenges in drug manufacturing and promote encapsulation in powder or more complex solid forms, such as sacs and pellets.

Soft capsule


Making suitable soft capsules

Soft capsules, also known as soft glue ball, are a growing market. But its production process is also challenging. Choosing the right formula while ensuring production efficiency and effective API delivery, you must first have a deep understanding of the soft capsule market and capsule production process. Funing Pu can support you and help you succeed.

Advantages of soft capsules compared with other dosage forms

· The manufacturing process is simpler and needs fewer production steps

· Providing the possibility of encapsulating most types of semisolids and liquids

· Unique color and shape configurations to improve product recognition

· Easy to swallow, neutral taste and smell, improving patient compliance

· Good delivery format

Main excipients in growing markets

· Key growth drivers:

. Popularization of Soft Capsule in Health Products Market

. Add value to difficult formulations

· Gelatin is the main excipient of soft capsules with unique function and sufficient dissolution characteristics.

Unlimited Innovation Potential of Soft Capsule

As a natural and safe excipient, Funing Pu gelatin offers unlimited innovative options for the soft capsule market – both in chewable soft capsules and in nutritional health products. With Funing Pu's medicinal gelatin series for soft capsules, you can adjust the packaging conditions according to the packaging formula and active contents.

Functional fudge


Into the fastest-growing areas of nutrition products

Functional fudge is one of the fastest growing nutritional products in Europe, North America and Asia. By adding functional ingredients (vitamins, minerals, fibers, or collagen), the product can be claimed to have a health care effect. Many brands of fudge have gone beyond the traditional confectionery industry. With Funing Pu Gelatin, we have the ability to help you successfully enter this growing market.


World-class film agents and advanced development expertise

Tablets are widely used in pharmaceutical and nutritional products. The use of suitable gelatin in the production of tablets can provide a variety of processing and consumption advantages. Funing Pu who provides gel and non-gel gelatin series, combined with technical expertise and experience in developing solutions with customers, can help you maximize these advantages.

Use our premium gelatin to improve your processes and products

Our gelatin is suitable for both wet granulation and direct tablet pressing as a tablet binder and direct disintegrating agent, which thanks to the following important characteristics:

· Flexibility in use (wettability and cold solubility of non-gel gelatin )

· Appropriate adhesion (depending on the strength of the selected gel)

· Excellent powder fluidity and compression properties

Advantages of gelatin tablet to Users

For consumers, the advantages of using tablets as a form of drug delivery are also important:

· Non-gel gelatin rapidly disintegrates, thus ensuring good and rapid drug release

· Gelatin provides effective coating to make tablets easy to swallow

Specialized pharmaceutical

Innovation and (co) development of exciting new applications

In addition to many existing medicinal gelatin and collagen applications, a variety of exciting new applications are emerging.

· Plasma substitutes

·   High quality gelatin provides excellent raw materials for plasma substitutes used to expand circulating blood in patients in emergencies.

· Colon fistula pouch

Gelatin, used in combination with other polymers (such as CMC or pectin), can be made into rubber rings for fixing colon fistula bags and for absorbing residual moisture on the skin.

· Low endotoxin gelatin for (biology) pharmaceutical applications

Such as hemostatic products, injections (including vaccines) and regenerative medicine.

Other applications

The multifunctional properties and unique characteristics of gelatin make it one of the most widely used ingredients. Gelatin is widely known for its application in food and pharmaceutical industries. Gelatin is also widely used in other fields. It has the functions of translucency, colorless, gel capability, foaming, emulsification, biodegradation and adhesion, and has many characteristics at the same time, making it the first choice material for many technical applications. We provide world-class high-quality gelatin used in A and B products for technical applications.


Gelatin is also used as adhesives , paint adhesives, remediation agents for marl ceilings, polystyrene polymers, oil recovery enhancement, construction adhesives, glue in the paper industry and many other applications.

Gelatin has multifunctional properties, so its technology is widely used. We work with customers to explore the potential of this versatile ingredient in its applications.

Photographic applications

Gelatin is widely used as a binder in image applications, such as phase paper and X film. Phase paper is a photosensitive paper-based material consisting of several layers of gelatin that contain the photosensitive silver halide crystals required for the image. Gelatin is crucial for the formation and stabilization of silver halide crystals and acts as a coating substrate.

Electrochemical coating

Metal surface treatment chemicals are widely used and have corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and beautiful appearance. The use of gelatin as a binder can regulate metal deposition and control surface smoothness and brightness in this way, thus improving electrical conductivity.

Micro capsule packaging

Packaging technology originated in the pharmaceutical industry. During encapsulation, substances (liquid or solid) are encapsulated in gelatin shells. Gelatin encapsulation can be used as an effective transport carrier, while the shell can improve the stability of substances during storage and release. For example, Micro capsule packaging can not only be used in herbicide and pesticide products, but also in paintball products. Because of its unique gel ability, gelatin is the preferred material for these uses.

Foning Pu collagen protein peptide


· Rapid and excellent cold water solubility

· Neutral taste and smell

· High stability

· Heat resistance

· Different products can be used in combination with other proteins, including whey protein, soy protein and other ingredients

· Increased protein content, better texture

Sports nutrition market is at its peak

From 2016 to 2019, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 8%, providing exciting opportunities for producers to work with Funing Pu.

Faster and stronger return to exercise


From professional athletes to healthy consumers, active people are looking for more ways to improve their performance. With the collagen solution of Funing Pu, you can provide them with a way to speed up the recovery, support connective tissue, and achieve the next stage of motor performance

Sports recovery is a hot spot for professional and amateur athletes

Both muscle cell and extracellular matrix (ECM) damage can cause pain, weaken strength and have adverse effects on motor performance. The degree of muscle injury not only affects the recovery time, but also affects the training load of professional athletes and amateur athletes.

Skin beauty


The beauty market is increasingly demanding

By 2024, the global revenue of the vibrant beauty industry is expected to reach $7.5 billion, and producers face the challenge of constantly adapting to innovation and scientific breakthroughs. With rising incomes, changing lifestyle, and people's growing awareness of the scientific development behind health and beauty, these factors are driving consumers today to find more effective and non-invasive solutions. Funing Pu provides reliable, science-based answers to these needs.

Absorbable beauty products are increasing

We have learned from years of scientific research and experience that external beautiful skin and hair need to be based on inner health. As consumers become more confident about these proven benefits, demand for absorbable beauty products or beauty nutrition products is spreading rapidly around the world. Nutrients can affect skin elasticity, tightness and moisturizing ability by optimizing good collagen fiber tissue.

Collagen and collagen peptide are the stars of the market

In the field of absorbable beauty products, collagen has long been recognized as a star. Studies have shown that collagen is the main functional component of beauty products in all parts of the world today. Collagen peptide, in particular, has been shown to have skin beauty effects that make skin and hair healthier and younger.

Proven skin reconstruction

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study, it has demonstrated its beneficial effect on skin beauty. A recent clinical study showed that oral collagen peptide supplements significantly improved the overall appearance of skin and hair in different ethnic groups.

Reliable scientific evidence can help you succeed

Collagen peptide is a recognized preferred component of the world's leading beauty nutrition brand. It has the characteristics of safety, biological activity, easy digestion and high bioavailability. It can effectively provide specific benefits for skin tissue. We provide important information to beauty nutrition producers to help them create clear differentiation for products in a competitive market.

Bone and Joint Health

More and more consumers enjoy a positive lifestyle, hoping to maintain activity at all ages, and begin to realize the health of joints and bones early on. Athletes and amateurs of all ages can feel the stress of joint health. All of these consumers offer increasing opportunities for producers of dietary supplements.

Sales of collagen and collagen peptide are growing

On the market, glucosamine and chondroitin are known as traditional active components of joint health. However, the demand for second-generation raw materials mainly based on collagen peptide is increasing.

The body's own cartilage construction module

Extensive physical studies have shown that collagen peptide supports joint health. Collagen peptide is safe, natural, and a component of human cartilage, not only ideal for elderly consumers, but also for people who often engage in repetitive sports, such as running or cycling. Collagen peptide has increasingly become the main active component in the formulation of joint health products.

Joint joint

The efficacy of collagen peptide in improving joint function and reducing discomfort has been confirmed by scientific studies including in vitro, in vivo and clinical trials.


Bone is a living tissue that is constantly reshaped, which ensures healthy bone density and helps us avoid fractures throughout our lives. Collagen provides an organic skeleton for mineral deposition and also contributes to bone flexibility and strength. When taken as a supplement, collagen peptide can support bone health and build strong bones, which are demonstrated in many in vitro, in vivo and clinical trials.

Healthy ageing


Exciting opportunities to promote healthy ageing

Almost every country in the world is experiencing an aging population, while people's expectations for health are rising. For food and diet concept manufacturers, the opportunity is huge. Solutions based on collagen are a natural choice for producers who want to improve the nutritional structure of the product and provide proven health benefits, thereby improving the quality of life of older consumers.

Attractive nutritional solutions to enhance mobility

Today, active seniors are looking for delicious, easy-to-eat functional foods. We can meet this need: our health and nutrition solutions have extraordinary sensory and functional properties that make them ideal for high-end diets.

Health benefits confirmed by scientific research

Impressive scientific evidence demonstrates the efficacy of collagen peptide in promoting action capacity. A large number of studies have shown that collagen peptide have the ability to promote healthy joints and build strong bones. Collagen peptide also contribute to muscle volume and muscle strength.